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A Vibrant Community

God gave each of us an instrument. Our job is to learn how to use it. 

Our Performing Arts Program focuses on cultivating each students’ God-given talent. We teach students music theory, how to read music, and how to continue developing the gifts, the instruments, God has given them. 

Ultimately, our goal is for students to develop their abilities to glorify the Lord and the confidence with which to perform in front of audiences of all sizes.

Performing Arts Program

By the time a student graduates from Second Baptist School University-Model®, they’re comfortable and confident with how to read music, how to perform and how to work in unison with the body of Christ on stage. Pre-Grammar and Grammar students work to develop their singing voices, learn beat and pitch, and become proficient sight readers. Logic and Rhetoric students have more separated development based on voice. This includes ensemble, electives, musicals and other performing arts.

Visual Arts Program

Second Baptist School University-Model cultivates the visual imagination of students through our three visual arts programs. Pre-Grammar students create art projects centered around our wholesome "Five In a Row" book curriculum. Grammar, Logic, and Rhetoric students have the opportunity to take Art History where they create projects based on ancient, medieval, early modern and modern time periods. Lastly, Logic students may enroll in introductory drawing courses where they apply truth, beauty and goodness into their artwork and develop a sense of true beauty as a Christian artist.


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SBSUM Dean of Fine Arts Global