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At SBSUM, Athletics is not viewed merely as an extracurricular activity but as an integral part of the education experience. Athletic programs provide a unique avenue outside the classroom that strengthens our students’ minds and bodies, while developing character through intentional discipleship.

What We Offer

SBSUM offers athletics for:

  • Grammar (Grades 1-4): basketball, baseball, soccer, softball

  • Logic (Grades 5-8): Volleyball, cheer, cross country, six-man football, basketball, baseball, softball, track and field, tennis

  • Rhetoric (Grades 9-12): Volleyball, cheer (coming in 2024), cross country, six-man football (coming in 2024), basketball (coming in 2024), track and field, tennis

At the Pre-Grammar and Grammar stages, many of our families take advantage of the opportunities we offer at SBSUM by participating in athletics against other local teams. Athletics of all kinds provide excellent opportunities for young students to grow and learn.



Cassie McDonald
Athletics Coordinator

Wes Uffelman
SBSUM Dean of Athletics